our values

Capitol Park Nannies & Staffing is a values-driven company.  We believe that as long as we hold closely to our values, we will be sure to delight families with quality in experience and placement; we’ll help qualified and professional nannies find the best placements for them; and we’ll consistently ensure that our company continues to be the preferred agency partner for Northern California and the Sacramento-area.

1. We commit ourselves to making a meaningful, positive difference.

With a multifaceted understanding, and impeccably professional experience in this uniquely personal field, Capitol Park Nannies & Staffing is committed to making a meaningful, positive difference in the lives of everyone that we work with.

  • We strive to improve the standards, experience, and quality of nannies industry-wide and within Northern California.  We do this by being a vocal advocate and proponent for improved quality and professional skills of nannies across the region.
  • We strive to help families provide a safe and successful work situation with equitable compensation for their placed professional based on skill and experience, and regional and industry standards.
  • We build into our process a thoroughness and a level of support that ensures that every family gets the very best in attention and service so that their family finds the perfect fit to meet their needs and ultimately change the home dynamic for the better.

2. We operate every facet of our business with the utmost honesty and integrity.

CPN operates from a place of honesty, morality, and complete transparency.  Every member of our team understands the importance of such principles, which are continually reflected in the agency’s methodologies.

We conduct exceptionally thorough screenings and personally review all candidate information and documentation.

  • Once a client hires one of our professionals, they are provided with proof of such documentation items, including background checks and Trustline Registration. We know that trust isn’t given; it must be earned. We work hard to earn trust with our clients by practicing complete transparency.

We communicate honestly and tactfully with clients and candidates alike.

  • We understand that having open lines of communication and clear expectations builds the foundation for successful relationships.

We believe in doing the right thing and having excellent moral standards.

  • For this reason, we choose to work with individuals that share similar values. We take client and candidate concerns, even small ones, very seriously. We are proud to maintain positive, ethically-sound partnerships and placements by doing so.

3. We value and work to build quality relationships.

Capitol Park Nannies & Staffing is dedicated to building high-quality, supportive relationships with every individual and family that partners with our agency.

We believe in partnership, not vendorship.

  • We shun a transactional mindset, and work to build a deeper, higher quality relationship with those that seek our services and those nannies and professionals we work with and place.
  • We believe that by becoming a partner and helping find a perfect fit – for both family and nanny – we build value, trust, satisfaction and happier homes.  This translates to happier communities.

We believe that by building high-quality and supportive relationships, we create a community of partners.

  • Family partners who will advocate for Capitol Park Nannies, seek our services again if any other needs arise, and avidly recommend our agency to other families in need.
  • Nanny and professional partners who will continue to work through our agency because of our commitment to and recognition of their higher quality experience and qualifications, and our strong commitment to their quality of placement, work environment, and compensation.

We believe in relationships and partnerships without time parameters.

  • We don’t require any exclusivity agreements with nannies and professionals who work with us, because we want long-term successful placements for them and realize that, though we may be the most preferred agency in the region, their are families who may not use us and may still be the right placement opportunity for the nanny.  But we also realize that Nannies who work with our agency stay with our agency, and often exclusively of their own accord because of commitment to them.
  • We also believe that successful placement doesn’t end on the first day in the home.  To provide a high-quality, supportive partnership means to ensure we stay as a resource and provide support to both family and nanny for the length of the engagement – regardless of whether weeks or years.

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