Family Registration Form

The first step to any of the CPN services – from booking a sitter to a permanent nanny placement in your home – is to complete the Family Registration form below.

We endeavor to follow-up within 2-3 business days for most registrations. Please complete the Family Registration form as fully as possible to prevent delays or necessary follow-up questions prior to helping you with your childcare or staffing need.

Step 1: Services Needed

Please complete the services needed section below. Then select "Next" to continue.
Service Needed
Please specify the type of service you are interested in.
Schedule Needs:
Please specify whether the position will be full-time (>30 hours per week) or part-time (<30 hours per week).
*For all positions except Newborn Care Specialist/Postpartum Doulas and Sitters/On-Call/Temp Childcare.
Urgent Request?
If you have an urgent or time-sensitive need associated with this registration, please indicate below.

Step 2: Parent/Guardian Information

Please complete the parent information below. Then select "Next" to continue.


Select the "+" to add additional parent/guardian(s):

Step 3: Child/Children Information

Please complete the child(ren) information below. Then select "Next" to continue.


Birth Date
Does your child have food allergies?

Select the "+" below to add additional child(ren):

Step 4: Family/Household Information

Please complete the family and household information below. Then select "Next" to continue.
Do you have any pets?

Step 5: Nanny/Position Needs Information

Please complete the nanny/position needs information below. Then select "Next" to continue.
Have you previously had a nanny?
What did you like and/or dislike about the person or the experience?
Do you employ a housekeeper?
Will this position be responsible for any domestic work in addition to childcare?
Will driving be a required responsibility for this position?
If so, will a car be provided or will the individual need to drive their own vehicle?

Step 6: Position Date/Time Needs

Please complete the nanny/position date/time needs information below. Then select "Next" to continue.
What is the minimum length of commitment expected for this position?
What is the desired state date?*
*For Permanent Placement Positions
Day(s) Needed
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  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
Time (Start):
Time (End):

Select the "+" to add additional day(s) needed:

Date(s) Needed (Temporary Assignments)*
Time (Start):
Time (End):

Select the "+" to add additional date(s) and times needed:

*Applicable only for Temporary Assignments such as Newborn Care Specialists and/or Postpartum Doulas; or for Sitters, On-Call, or Temp. Childcare.


Step 7: Position Wage and Benefits

Please complete the nanny/position wage and benefits information below. Then select "Next" to finish the Family Registration Form.
What is the hourly wage you are prepared to pay for this position?
Please describe any additional employment benefits you intend to offer:

Step 8: Submit Registration

Once you have completed this form as fully as possible, please select the "Submit" button below to submit your Family Registration.
Last Question: How did you hear about us?
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  • Referred by a friend/colleague
  • Referred by another nanny
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Please tell us who referred you so we can thank them.
Please let us know what other source you discovered us from/in.

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