frequently asked questions for job seekers

Do I have to pay anything to work with your agency?

Partnering with our agency is completely free, except for the cost of CPR/First Aid Certification and TB testing.

How much experience do I need to have to work with your agency?

Our agency requires that childcare professionals have at least two years of professional childcare-related experienced, gained after graduation from high school. While personal childcare experience is wonderful, such as babysitting or being a parent, please note that this does not qualify as professional experience.

How long will the placement process take for me as a candidate?

Candidates are typically matched with one of our client families within two to six weeks. This process is faster with the candidate’s timely cooperation during the registration process.

Would your agency directly employ me?

No, our childcare professionals are directly employed by client families, not the agency itself. Our agency matches families and childcare professionals to meet each party’s needs. If the agency exercised direct employment, we would have to take a percentage of each employee’s wage. We want the employee to receive as much as possible, so we’ve decided as an agency not to employ directly so that you get the greatest compensation benefit.

Do you work with anyone that pays “under the table”? Do I take care of my own taxes?

Our clients directly employ professionals, but it’s understood that clients must abide by current laws and industry standards. Our agency provides clients with knowledgeable support and guidance to ensure that they are aware of such laws and industry standards as well. Please rest assured, this means that all pay and taxation is legal! Families are instructed to supply their childcare professionals with necessary pay stubs and the appropriate tax forms.

Am I able to work with your agency if I’m only available for temporary/short-term positions?

Yes, you could be considered for CPN’s Temp. Division! Our Temp. Division includes back-up care, date night care, and hotel/event care. To become part of this division, we require that you’re able to guarantee one-year of availability for temp. placements to the agency. Please note that you undergo the same initial screening and registration process as candidates interested in long-term positions.

I’m a travelling caregiver, which means that I travel the U.S. and go wherever I’m hired. Can I work with your agency?

Candidates may begin the screening and registration process before relocating to Northern California. However, candidates are unable to receive and accept job offers from our client families until they’re presently residing in or around the Northern California area (our client families prefer to interview and trial candidates prior to offering employment). If you are comfortable with these placement geo-requirements, our agency would be delighted to work with you!

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