How It Works

Just 4 steps to the perfect nanny.


The path to a perfect fit for your family begins with providing us some essential initial information to get the process started.  Begin the process with the first step — completing the CPN Family Registration form.



After a thorough consultation with your family to best understand your needs, preferences, and personality, we begin the search. We will find, conduct thorough screening, and provide a narrowed set of candidates that are uniquely suited to your family to make sure it’s a perfect match.

You’ll receive a comprehensive profile and write-up for each candidate with documented professional childcare experience verification, results from our comprehensive CPN screening, and more. We’ll review all of the candidates’ profiles with you and make sure that you have everything needed to make selections for the next step in the process – the interviews.


We’ll schedule in-person interviews with your top candidates, provide support and guidance with questions, key points to consider and look for, and be with you throughout the interview process.  You can count on our close, ongoing support throughout your review, interviews, and final selection.


After you have interviewed and narrowed down your candidates to the one perfect for you, you’ll have an opportunity to experience your top candidate in action (and your nanny will experience the working environment) in a trial.  The trial can be as short as 4 hours  up to a week, but it is a necessary step to ensure for both the nanny and family that the fit is perfect.

After a successful trial, we’ll guide you through the final stages of hiring and welcoming the nanny to your lives.  CPN can provide a sample professional work agreement for both you and your newly selected home-team member to make your own, along with providing you with a full documentation dossier upon request.  And it’s with our commitment to your success that we provide ongoing support and consultation to be sure you and your new nanny are happy and thrive together.

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