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By Brooke B.
Capitol Park Nannies “Super Nanny”

What is the best way to show your nanny appreciation around the holidays?

Let’s face it, nannies who receive a holiday bonus are far more likely to remain working with families for extended periods of time. Chances are, your nanny has an invaluable role in your family. She is relied on and trusted to provide your children with everything they need in your absence. With that in mind, the holidays are a great time to consider showing your nanny a little extra appreciation.

Many professionals suggest providing your nanny with a standard holiday bonus of one to two weeks pay. While it certainly isn’t a requirement, a holiday bonus can make an immense difference in a nannies life, and it is a great way to show her how much she means to your family. However, if you would prefer to take a different approach, there are plenty of other ways you can show your nanny how much she is valued.

We asked some of our nannies to share details on the best holiday gifts they have received from their employers. Below are some of our favorites!

“For me, it was framed pictures of the kids, and a gift certificate to a restaurant that they knew I loved. Cash is always great but those gifts showed that they put thought into it and that they knew what I would like.” Emma B.

“I received the full addition ‘America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook.’ I love cooking and borrowed recipes from hers all the time. It was incredibly thoughtful and I still cherish it. I also received a week’s pay as a bonus, which is super helpful around the holidays!” Sarah L.

“They mainly give me extra cash or gift cards which I love, but I think one of the best was the Louis Vuitton purse they gave me, since they know I’m a purse junky!” Daniela M.

Whether it’s a customized gift, a standard bonus, or both, providing your nanny with a little something extra around the holidays is a gesture that won’t go unnoticed!


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How to Appreciate Your Nanny Around the Holidays

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