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By Dr. Hunt
Happy client and full-time physician, mother of two.

When it comes to selecting someone to care for your child, there are few more important task allotted to the working parent. Our society, unfortunately, grossly undervalues the importance of cultivating the next generation. As a working physician and Mom, I hold stay-at-home Moms and Dads in the highest regard. As difficult as my job can be, it still feels like a break from child-rearing!

In other countries around the world, raising children is held in high esteem. For example, in Norway, each parent has the option of 49 weeks at 100 percent of salary paid leave or 59 weeks at 80 percent paid leave. For those of us who have to work or have chosen to work outside the home, it often comes with many mixed feelings and guilt about leaving our children with a caretaker.

Sacramento nanny placement

In Sacramento and throughout the Northern California area, we have an incredible service through Capitol Park Nannies, the only local agency accredited through the International Nannies Association (INA). The INA is a non-profit organization that sets the highest standard in providing childcare accreditation, education, tools, and guidance for nanny agencies, nannies, nanny employers, and industry service providers. Capitol Park Nannies performs a Trustline background check on every nanny as required by California law. Other internet nanny websites simply don’t provide this service or claim to, but don’t. Is it safe to meet someone for the first time and leave them with the responsibility of caring for your children?

Most of us have either time or money. For parents who have neither, hats off to you, and may our society continue to move toward valuing high-quality, affordable childcare. If you have time, but less money, please do background checks on your nanny. Many of the internet sites and nanny placement agencies in California claim to do background checks but don’t.

If you have some money or are willing to dedicate money to the importance of selecting the best caretaker for your child, I highly recommend the services of Capitol Park Nannies. The owner, Rachel Urtiaga, is an experienced nanny herself and professional “match-maker” for families and nannies alike. Also, if your nanny is sick and cannot come to work, Rachel has a list of vetted, fully background-checked nannies to fill in the gaps. Don’t get your temp nanny off the internet! It takes time to get the right person through Capitol Park Nannies and it is an investment, but what could be a better use of your money than to provide your children with the best care available?

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